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We are a leading exporter of Vanuatu Kava based in Port Vila. We pride ourselves in the organic produce that is ecologically cultivated and traditionally garnered.   Upon harvesting, the root material is peeled and washed arriving in sliced chips of the rhizome and lateral root components. Our export primarily involves kava roots for pharmaceutical purposes. Kava Chips are mainly exported for the consumer drinking market. The fragments gathered from these are then pounded and refined to powder form where it is then packed into bags for commercial purposes.

For export quantity, orders are accepted from a hundred kilos and above. These can be in raw or powder form. Costs will need to factor in  international freight, terminal services, customs and bio security documentation  that is fully carried out by the Kava House depending on which country the consignment will be sent to.

Our retail segment supplies most outlets in Port Vila and are currently carried overseas in small quantities (2kgs per person) by tourists. Other Pacific Island Nations other than Australia and New Zealand do not have this regulation however these vary by country. Our goods can be posted worldwide.

We provide an hour long Kava Discovery Tour that allows visitors to learn more of the humble plant, its biological origins as well as have sample session and discover its health benefits.​

Our Market

We export predominantly for pharmaceutical purposes. The kava roots have the kava lactones extracted from them and made into capsule and liquid form for much easier and for many, familiar mode of consumption. These can be taken as supplementary tablets or drops before bedtime for muscle relaxation resulting in restorative sleep.

With the increase of our powder production, we have also been able to export powder for consumer usage. A well-established market for the powder is the US based drinking market with ever growing number of nakamals on United States of America mainland and New Caledonia.

Another growing market is the RSE Workers based in Australia and New Zealand who like to have kava at the end of a hard day’s work. This practice has provided them a chance to take away a bit of home with them whilst overseas.

Our market relies profoundly on the local interisland shipping that brings in the produce. With limited infrastructure in Port Vila and almost lack of it in the islands, atop fluctuating weather patterns, getting the kava to the main centre alone is a challenge in itself.

The scarcity of roads, lack of vehicles and other services on the islands means most of the produce is carried on bare human backs across ridges, over mountains, on long roads just to get to the main access points where the produce finally gets on the vessel. The produce is then transferred to our Bio-security approved facilities where it is processed, packaged and ready to be freighted overseas.

Our Packaging

In our throw-away culture, there is a high need to create material that can be recycled; biodegradable packaging is one of the new trends for green living. As we focus on making sure more and more of what we toss out from our homes and places of business is biodegradable, we are closer to the goal of making Earth an eco-friendly place with less waste.

The bags are made of biodegradable brown kraft paper for a natural organic look on the outside and a high barrier Bio Foil on the inside which keeps your product fresh. In today’s competitive environment, products need to be innovative and unique to stand-out. This is why The Kava House makes it a priority to ensure that we not only sell the best kava but most importantly allow it the opportunity to be eye catching on the shelves and friendly to the environment.

Stand Up Pouch (SUP) Comes in sizes: 50g / 100g /250g / 500g

Our Stand Up Pouches are made with the best possible barrier materials, offering superior shelf-life for your products. Our SUP are laminated with a foil layer that protects the product from external contamination, odours, moisture and oxygen and helps in elongating the shelf life of your products.

They have a re-sealable zipper, a tear notch. They are able to protect the products and ensure safe and leakage proof storage and transportation. This packaging provides a self-standing ability for the bag and is user friendly. It has a wider base and is resealable. It has excellent shelf display and presentation hence.

Box Bottom Rippa Zippa (BBRZ) Comes in sizes: 700g /1000g

Box Bottom Bags are designed to create a smart aesthetically pleasing packaging solution. Utilizing the best manufacturing processes to create a packaging bag that has a flat square bottom resulting in an unparalleled display solution. The manufacturing process and design gives a product that uses less space on the shelf compared to a similarly sized Stand-Up Pouch. It is excellent in maintaining the freshness of your products and comes in natural look with resealable zippers. It is self-standing with a flat bottom allowing it great shelf presentation.

Side Gusset (SG) Comes in sizes: 500g / 700g /1000g

The structure of the gusseted bags suggests that when the products fill the bags, both the sides of the bags are expanded; the bottom of the bag comes sealed and the top portion is kept open for filling with products. It is a durable and strong form of paper that can be used as the outer substrate on bags and pouches. It gives a more natural feeling to the bag.

Bio-Bags (BB) Comes in sizes: 100g / 250g/ 500g/ 700g/ 1000g

Bio Bags are available in either a Stand-Up Pouch or a Side Gusset. The Bio Stand-Up Pouch has a zip which is biodegradable. The name of the pouch accurately describes its appearance and functionality on the shelves as a self-standing packaging solution. This is aided by a bottom gusset that makes stand up pouches ideal for the retail sector – most famously in the coffee industry.

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