Our Kava Discovery Tour

The Kava Discovery Tour provides visitors the opportunity to discover the secrets of Vanuatu’s renowned cultural beverage. Learn about the origins of kava and its botanic characteristics, how it is cultivated, harvested, its preparations and its consumption.

Explore its remedial values to anxiety and stress and the global market that are benefiting from this humble root pepper plant. In the process of all these, information on control measures in place to ensure that all kava produce is organically grown by local farmers, traditionally harvested, sun dried, sorted, chopped, pounded and packed carefully to maintain quality.

Powdered Kava bags and artefacts available for purchase at end of tour. Artefacts are sourced from main kava-producing islands of Vanuatu

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Admission includes:
Tour guide services, Kava Tasting, cold drinks and tropical seasoned fruits

Duration: 40-60 minutes

Cost per adult: 1000Vt

Child 11-17: 500VT

Under 10: FREE

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