FAQ on Kava

What is Kava?
Kava refers to the beverage and the plant itself. Its scientific name is Piper Methysticum. The plant is family of the pepper plant. The drink is made using roots that have been pounded , mixed with water and strained to produce drink.
Is Kava a drug?

No. Kava is a natural beverage that has anti-suppressant qualities that help reduce anxiety, fatigue, taste for food and insomnia.

What is noble kava?

This refers to the varieties that have a certain chemical composition adequate for consumption ass food and beverage and that have a history of safe and ceremonial use.

What is fresh kava?

This refers to peeled main stump/rhizome/basal stems/unpeeled root and groundeded/pounded where the kava lactones are extracted using cold water extraction and served as a beverage

What is dried kava?

This is result of chips of fresh peeled stumps or rhizomes, peeled basal stems and unpleased clean and fresh kava are sun dried for export or to be powdered for consumption.

Can visitors take kava home?
Yes .

Australia allows 2kgs per person as long as its packed in your luggage and not in hand luggage.

New Zealand
It is unlimited for other pacific island countries depending on country of origin’s customs regulations.

Can kava grow anywhere?

It grows well in areas of Vanuatu where there is high rainfall and limestone in soil texture.

Main producing kava islands are: Santo, Pentecost,  Maewo, Ambae, Ambrym, Malekula, Paama, Epi, Tanna

What is kava used for?

In Vanuatu, it is regarded as a drink of the chiefs, mainly used chiefly ceremonies, reconciliation, commemorate birth, deaths and marriages and socially to foster relationships. Medicinal kava is used for ailments as headaches and teething of babies.

What are Kavalactones?

Refers to strength of kava.

What is a Nakamal?

This term is used to refer to a ‘meeting place’ where people gather to discuss community affairs. It is also commonly used for a kava bar.

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