Vanuatu was severely devastated by a category five Tropical Cyclone Pam in early 2015. The damage was extensive to the kava produce infrastructure thus affecting everyone along the chain. Kava House made it a priority to provide over one million vatu (AUD$12000) worth of food , tools and seeds to its local staff and wider communities to help recovery. Kava House endeavours to ensure that the rewards of kava farming are enjoyed by the local people in spite of their hard work. In so saying, sponsorship is provided to village youths by means of soccer uniforms and training gear in Mele Village (Efate) and Loltavola (North Pentecost). This effort is also supported by our suppliers, Gaia Herbs who have made generous donations to the local communities. This assistance also extends to provision of transportation to and from games for these youngsters.  This effort is aimed at jobless school drop outs encouraging discapline and good sportsmanship.

Kava House extends its financial assistances to the House of Refuge Vanuatu who are a religious establishment providing counselling and advise in spiritual matters for community members in the villages of Mele, Erakor , Pango on Efate and Warlep on Malekula.