About Us

What sets Kava House apart from our competition is our people and their passion for providing top quality Vanuatu Kava product range accompanied with the best customer service.

We aspire to promote Vanuatu’s noble kava varieties by setting high standards of product finishing, quality control and service delivery to our local and international customers.

The five core values that make us are of top priority to the establishment and its operations. We aim to ensure that the Kava produce we use is grown in organic conditions by indigenous farmers utilising traditional cultivation and harvesting methods.

All produce handling from growing right up to packaging is done by local people who take pride in the ownership of this resourceful plant . A plant that was once only drank by chiefs and warriors in traditional settings, can be now made available to a wider range of people who appreciate the beverage and its etiquette

Most of our indigenous growers are subsistence farmers who rely heavily on their produce for revenue. Their hard-earned income is then transferred via Vanuatu’s National Bank or upon request, compensated with goods, fuel and equipment that are otherwise scarce in the islands.

Our market relies profoundly on the local interisland shipping that brings in the produce. With limited infrastructure in Port Vila and almost lack of it in the islands, atop fluctuating weather patterns, getting the kava to the main centre alone is a challenge in itself.

The scarcity of roads, let alone vehicles, on the islands means most of the produce is carried on bare human backs across ridges, over mountains, on long roads just to get to the main access points where the produce finally gets on the vessel. The produce is then transferred to our Bio-security Vanuatu -approved facilities where it is processed, packaged and ready to be freighted overseas.