Kava-Nature’s answer to stress, anxiety and Insomnia

Kava: Discover Nature’s ancient remedy for the modern day stress

Kava: a beverage widely enjoyed by the Planet Earth’s happiest people

Welcome to the Kava House Vanuatu


The Kava House aspires to source top quality Kava produce that is organically grown from indigenous Vanuatu farmers, processed, packaged and delivered with top customer care service to the domestic and global market


At Kava House, we strive to be Vanuatu’s premier Kava producer in the market, sourcing top quality dried Kava that is organically grown in the volcanic islands by providing farmers with Kava plant education and general business management skills.

Kava is a relation of the pepper plant and botanically known as: Piper Methysticum or the traditional beverage made by cold water extraction of the plants underground parts and basal stumps. Kava products are defined as including dried Kava, bark, peelings and ‘makas’ (residue).

Vanuatu has almost 80 varieties of kava however, only the noble varieties can be exported in the global market. The Kava plant is cultivated and harvested using traditional methods, dried and shipped to Port Vila to be processed and packaged for the market.

Our merchandise currently includes dried kava produce only to be exported for drinking and most predominantly for pharmaceutical purposes.